IN THE POCKET. (DIY Pocket Tees)

I’ve been seeing these pattern pocket tees around the internet, and lately, I’ve been spotting these beauties hanging on mall racks too, so I decided to put up with the challenge and do DIY pattern pocket tees with you. Let’s get started! 

 Things you’ll need:

1.       Plain Shirt
2.       Printed Fabric
3.       Paper & Marker/Pencil
4.       Scissors
5.       Iron
6.       Fabric Glue 
7.       Ruler
8.       Thread, Needle and Pins

Any plain shirt would do, but I suggest you use a white shirt for it goes with almost any color of printed fabric you’ll use. When it comes to the fabric, I would propose something that is easy to sew, especially when you’re not going to use a sewing machine.


1.       Using your pencil and ruler, make a pattern on a paper that measures 6” lengthwise, 5.5” crosswise and the vertical line on the middle measures 7’’ while the two diagonal lines that meet on the tip of the vertical line measures 3.5” each. Cut the pattern off the paper so you can use it as a template of your patch pocket, then trace your template on the printed fabric then cut through the lines you draw.

Note: Make sure your measurements are accurate, you don’t want your pockets to have irregular sides.

2.       Using your marker, you can mark one inch on every side so it would be easier for you to identify where to fold. Next, start on the top folding it inwards. Plug your iron and press it on the crease so it is folded properly.

3.       After ironing a fold, flip it open and put fabric glue in between, close the fold and iron it again so it is well placed. Repeat on every side starting from the right and the left side, then end on the two diagonal folds one at a time. 

4.       Rest your shirt on a flat surface and cautiously pin your pocket patch to the shirt. The placement of your pocket depends on where you want it to be, but be sure to try it out first before sewing so you’re sure it’s on your preferred position. Just to give you an idea, on my round neck shirt, it approximately measures 3” from the collar and 2” from the armpit seam.

5.       Final step, attach your pocket through carefully sewing by hand using your thread and needle or by a sewing machine. Sew the three sides of the patch leaving the top side to act as a pocket. Remove the pins and you’re done! You’ve just made a pattern pocket tee! 

Christmas time is imminent and sure you’ll be spending more money than usual for presents. DIYs can make you save more so you can splurge on some other stuff, plus the fact that there’s no one wearing something the same as yours for you made your own piece. I hope you find this guide useful and I hope you had a great time playing with patch pockets like I did. Remember, why buy when you can DIY?

The published article on Philippine Daily Inquirer looks like this.
See the online layout through this link.

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  1. This is awesome, Jerico! I love DIYs. Will definitely try this out! And congrats on your article! :)

    Daphne of Metamorphosis

  2. Impressive ideas. I love the concept of putting my own pocket design on my tee. Ganda ng concept. Congrats at naisulat ka pa sa PDI :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you can drop by my site if you have free time! :)