I remember seeing Shaira Luna on Promil commercial when I was a kid, (probably my parents did too that's why they made me take Promil as well LOL) but never even in my dreams I thought I could work with her! This is one of my favorite fashion editorials I've done for Garage, probably because of the place, the story, and the people behind it.

Photo by Shaira Luna
Styling by ME
Grooming by Ponti Pontiveros
Model: Eduard at Elite Model Management 
Location: The Henry Hotel, Manila 



(Silver protect, Original care, and Power refresh)

There are days when I want to soak up in the bathroom, think things through because most of my ideas hatch up in there HAHA but I have to admit, there are also days when I just want to shower and go. I honestly think shower gels made that easy for everyone. The thing is, I hated 3-in-1 gels, I think they’re really just specifically made for the skin and because they really feel coarse to the hair. Last weekend, after doing chores, I thought of having a quick shower before getting a haircut and since I know I have to shower again after my trip to the barbershop, I didn’t really plan to wash up thoroughly (eww right?) I decided to open up a box of shower gels that NIVEA sent me and lather on one. To my surprise, quick shower never felt satisfying! I didn’t feel the need to massage on conditioner and slather up some moisturizer after. I’m not saying this because NIVEA gave me freebies AND I WANT MORE but because it’s true! Showering never felt easier and more efficient with these gels. I have been converted from a shower gel unbeliever to a proper shower gel advocate. LOL

I did a mini product review on each of the three and here are my thoughts:

SILVER PROTECT (Freshness and silver ions)
 If you’re the type who is always playing with the boys and sweat-prone, I’d totally get if you would prefer this one. The antibacterial on this formula works against body odor so you’d be sure to smell good for longer. The scent of this one is very masculine that I can totally visualize a locker room filled with boys who are ready to go on a date.

POWER REFRESH (Menthol and scent of water mint)
This gel will definitely be on my summer travel kit! The menthol and smell of water mint adds to the thought of feeling fresh. Also I think this particular gel will work for you after a long tiring day in a humid city like here in Manila.

ORIGINAL CARE (Moisturizing and aloe vera)
This one is my personal favorite. I picked to use this one first among the three because it has a very clean and timeless scent which I think I could use throughout the year. Also the aloe vera made me feel like I’m lathering up with cream instead of soap which I’m pretty sure won’t dry my skin up like how regular soap does.

Although these gels target hair, face, and body, I still think you should get yourself a product that has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and/or UV protection especially if you’re active under the sun. Nivea has that covered as well because I’m using their Cell Repair and Protect Whitening Body Lotion. ;) 


Here's another style guide for mix and matching the things you just bought and the classics you have in your closet. :) 



Can't make up your mind whether to go for sunny or rainy inspired because of the sudden change of weather? Look at how Martin and I dealt with it for inspirations! 


This mini-editorial is very memorable to me because this is the first time I did this section (Street Style) for Garage. Working with Gustavo has always been so easy until now. You'll see more of him in our September Issue. Also, I am mostly excited to style this because this is the time when H&M out put up their flag store here in the Philippines that's why you'll recognize that most of the pieces here are from H&M. 

Photographed by Ronan Capili. Location: Pablo's Pub and Restaurant, The Fort, Taguig