Here's another DIY treat I did for Garage. A do-it-yourself sleeve for your tablet! Just a few glue and cuts and your done! Remember, why buy when you can DIY? :) 


Here are some of the pieces I paired up for you to choose from to make up your street look.



Although there has been a lot of glitches in 2016, I'm still thankful for so many things! For all the newly found friends, friends lost, friends who are forever there, new found courage, things I was able to let go of, crushes who crushed my feelings for choosing that bitch over me (KIDDING not really), crushes who I can now talk to, love interests who turned out to be life lessons, job opportunities, good health, great songs, amazing clothes, rescheduled MOMOL sessions, dog filter on Snapchat, alter accounts, VSCO filters, days of no pimples, unexpected gifts and overall impact, no really, too many blessings and blessings in disguise to mention, even if I still don't have someone special to celebrate anniversaries with which is really not a bad thing, because I don't feel lack in love from the people around me, it has been a good year but it could be better! 

Hopefully, 2017 will be so much better than the past year for our country, for the Universe rather LOL. If you're reading this, I hope we could have a more close bond because why the hell not? I'll have to end this because I'm starting to get a little emo and I want to start the new year with happy thoughts! Hopefully my college crush greets me again, my office crush too, and my online crushes as well which happen once in a blue moon really. Anyway, I'll see you soon, ha? Text, tweet, IG, Snap, call, basta Hit Me Baby One (or 99) More Time!  



My skin is really sensitive and I'm not just saying that you make you feel inferior. I have skin asthma if that's any consolation. I'm telling you this just so I can say I try on different products to see which ones are compatible on my skin. Ever since I was in high school, I have tried using body oils but since it's very humid here in the Philippines, I stopped and stuck to cream-based lotions unless I'm at the beach. Anyway, so recently I tried this dry oil, from NUXE. It is a multi-purpose oil for face, hair, and body. To tell you the truth, someone and by someone I mean myself got lazy applying lotion lately so I think my skin got dull, (you know the dark purple-ish blotchy kind) and since this dry oil is something new among my stocks, I gave it a try. This is not a paid review so you don't have to worry about me being bias. HAHAHA so, overnight I noticed my skin especially on the legs got more color, making the purple-ish tone go away. Although, since it has a lot of essential oils, it has a very strong warm smell. I think it'll overpower your perfume, to give you an idea, it smells like a lady just because I think it's really made for them. I use it at night before bedtime substituting my lotion with it. And it's really a nice body oil compared to the once I've tried in the market. If you're looking into a body oil to try, you can give this one a chance. It's time to stop playing with the baby oil, it doesn't work that way! Kidding! Plus it comes with a spray so you don't have to worry with a nozzle spill!

  • Compatible for sensitive skin
  • Gets rid of dull complexion
  • Gives a subtle sheen
  • Not sticky
  • Moisturizing
  • Spill proof because it's spray type
  • The smell is too girly if you're a male :) (Not really a big deal though.)