Can't make up your mind whether to go for sunny or rainy inspired because of the sudden change of weather? Look at how Martin and I dealt with it for inspirations! 


This mini-editorial is very memorable to me because this is the first time I did this section (Street Style) for Garage. Working with Gustavo has always been so easy until now. You'll see more of him in our September Issue. Also, I am mostly excited to style this because this is the time when H&M out put up their flag store here in the Philippines that's why you'll recognize that most of the pieces here are from H&M. 

Photographed by Ronan Capili. Location: Pablo's Pub and Restaurant, The Fort, Taguig 


One of the easiest DIYs I did ever, and very useful too! Plus this string bag has nowhere to go but back in trend over and over again! 

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Marks (pun intended LOL) the first year since I have worked with Mark McMahon and I can't wait to finally share our latest work together on Garage Magazine's September 2015 Issue! 



This was my first out of town fashion editorial shoot, we were shooting at 11am during March and the heat was exhausting! (not complaining though) I have worked with Bj Pascual for a couple of times but this is my first own fashion shoot with him! Doing this shoot with Bj and Hideo was so smooth, Bj was on point and Hideo was effortless, although it was a bit intimidating because they were so good, I told myself,  I have to be on top of my game as well! Turns out nice naman, yes? Hahaha! 

This was shot by Bj Pascual in Pico de Loro last March 2015. Hideo Muraoka is wearing Coco Republic of SM Department store.