This was my first out of town fashion editorial shoot, we were shooting at 11am during March and the heat was exhausting! (not complaining though) I have worked with Bj Pascual for a couple of times but this is my first own fashion shoot with him! Doing this shoot with Bj and Hideo was so smooth, Bj was on point and Hideo was effortless, although it was a bit intimidating because they were so good, I told myself,  I have to be on top of my game as well! Turns out nice naman, yes? Hahaha! 

This was shot by Bj Pascual in Pico de Loro last March 2015. Hideo Muraoka is wearing Coco Republic of SM Department store. 


Need some summer inspired get-ups? David and I curated these 7 looks to last for a whole week! This could work as a cheat sheet if you have no idea on what to wear for a beach or a summer-chill party! See more of the features on Garage Magazine's April 2015 issue. 


I never actually thought this shoe bag is really helpful until I made one! Never get your clothes dirty again while in your luggage plus you’re helping the Earth too! I know you, you like to put your shoes on plastic bags which you won’t use ever again because you think it’s dirty! Try this DIY project! Plus you get to choose the design of your own fabric too! 



Here's my first DIY tutorial for Garage Magazine. 

October 2013, my fifth month on the magazine and I was so excited for this project since it's my first time working with a team. Back when I was doing DIY projects for a newspaper, it was all me doing the photography, the text, and even having to model the product! It was a high when I saw it on print.

Anyway, open the image on a new tab for a bigger reference! Enjoy your paint service!  



"Best toner to date" was a promise I made in my instagram post and this product really lives up to what it says to be.
It doesn't dry up my skin. It made my pores tighter and my skin more refined. I'm using this 250ml bottle for 4 months now and it's only half way done. So what's the question about this product? Nothing! But what you should be asking yourself is, do you need toner in general? A beauty guru said,"toners are a pricey broth of water, color, preservatives, witch hazel, alcohol --- and not much else". - "Beauty, the New Basics" by Rona Berg

Well I like my toner, that's for sure. I need it because I really have oily T-zone and when I go to sleep, I wanna make sure no debris of dirt on my face sleeps with me. It's almost like for security purposes.

Do I recommend it?
To be honest, you should invest more on a really good cleanser, something that washes off all the dirt that's partying on your pores because what really toner does is sweep all the traces of dirt on your face left behind by your cleanser. But if you're oily, like me, I recommend toner. Probably this one, ULTRA FACIAL TONER from KIEHL'S, your money is worth the service of this product and it won't disappoint you, I promise! 

Available on: Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, Mall of Asia, TriNoma and Powerplant.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.