Red Flags in Dating Pt. "DEUX"

  1. Pretend to speak in different languages when you only actually know two words. *See post title as reference.
  2.   LIE. White, pink, fuchsia or royal, lies are lies and I won’t tolerate it.
  3.   When it always take you 5 years to understand my joke.
  4.   I value my cousins and you should be able to relate to us or even try if we’re all sitting on a table, if not, you can go right ahead and excuse yourself, FOREVER.
  5. You don’t know how to kiss.
  6. Texting/calling only when I initiated it.
  7. I don’t care if our hands sweat when they’re clasped, just wipe it off and hold it or else it will wave goodbye.
  8. You don’t actually know how to be “kinky” with me.
  9.  It really turns me off when you don’t want to “talk” about it. I like security and letting me know how you feel calms me the fuck down.
  10. You stopped taking care of your body/how you look like 20 seconds after we first kissed.
  11. You don’t make the effort to be funny.
  12.  You always like to be the small spoon.
  13.  Showering together is not your thing.
  14. You don’t want to share your stuff to me. We’re one now, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is MINE. J
  15. It’s really disturbing if you don’t cry.
  16. It’s been six months but I still don’t know any of your close friends. Have they died or you want what we have to die?
      You must be crossing off some numbers on my list because they don’t “belong” but you know, they’re just there as pointers just in case my next one likes to read especially my entries. If not, then maybe my last’s “traits” would be listed on my “Red Flags in Dating Part III”, which hopefully would not be posted anytime soon.  




Happy 23rd birthday to me! What do you care right? Well, I just wanna share how things turn out well today. You, you who spent the night talking me through the transition from my 22nd to my 23rd, thank you. You made and you make me happy. To my cousins/lovers/friends/soulmates, Ronniello, Julia and Loren, thank you for today. I love you, will do always. JV


My Red Flags in Dating.

*Irrelevant picture right? Nevermind.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” I think to myself then a smirk comes after I stare you down. The things that you do or the things that you are that will send me away running fast as I can. I will try to be less sexual as possible as I list them down in no particular order.  

1.       Bad odor. Mouth, armpits, body, BODY hair, HAIR and somewhere down there.
2.       Picking your nose in front of me (Not at least for a year or two err twenty six?)
3.       Saying “GAGO” *No argument with this.
4.       Bathroom etiquette: Open door number 1 is cool, but open door number 2 is another thing.
5.       Don’t play Charade - The Feelings Edition with me. I know the truth is inconvenient but what the hell, I don’t want to wander in darkness, I want to know how you really feel.
6.        Insult my family. Especially my mom.
7.       Try to alter what I look like and how I am. *I know how to adjust depending on the person I’m with (if worth it).
8.       I don’t care if you don’t get manicure but at least cut your nails once a week.
9.       You don’t make effort to see me.
10.   Go silent when something is wrong. THAT IS MY THING.
11.   Don’t care when I said I’m not feeling well.
12.   Break a promise you deliberately said you’ll make happen.
13.   You don’t pay for anything.
14.   We only do movie marathon which is a code name for we all know what.
15.   You don’t get jealous because that’s seriously cute. SERIOUSLY.
16.   You give up easily when things get rough. Babe, gag on some Growee.
17.   Talk about your ex all the time.
18.   You spend too much time on your phone when we’re together.
19.   You don’t compliment me because I take time to do so and you better give me effin credit because I’m doing it for you!

If you haven’t seen your defect here, maybe it’s in PART 2 and if you have, learn. LOL I’m not a douche and I don’t think these type of people are bad people, it’s just I can’t live with what I’m taught to be unacceptable. I’m sure you have a list too and if our lists sync, why aren’t you my best friend? Text me.  



Closing day of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013. I know right? I'm waaaaaaay behind posting and I'm still glad you're reading this. We caught Menswear and Albert Andrada who closed the show this day. Forgive my face, someone shot a gun on it earlier when we shot this. I shouldn't be talking about this but I am, so forgive me for the second time.

 Who knows? My blog might turn out to be an emotional blog like Jenna's. If you know her, I mean "AWKWARD" right? Anyway, what you think? Not towards my feelings you slore, about my clothes! Kidding! I talk trash maybe that's why I got left behind. #AwkwardSilenceICanHearThat 
Zara Pants & Borse Mogan Boots

Ronniello and I.

The thing is, I don't know if it's just I who experience the pant-loose struggle. I mean it's all fit and snugly at first when you wear it and then it loosens up after a while. It's not a good look unless you're going for "baggy". The boots are amazing, it gives me few more inches like man-heels but yes, it becomes quite uncomfortable after few hours. 
Well, Anna Delo Russo once said, “Fashion is always uncomfortable, when you feel comfortable, you never get the look,” So be watchful if you are comfy, guys. :)

Vintage Blazer, Van Heusen Denim Chinese Collar Top, Zara Pants, Topman Belt, Borse Mogan Boots, ASOS watch
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Philippine Fashion Week is becoming more and more known to the industry that every single season that my cousins and I attend, familiar to new faces always greet us around. This is what I wore to the opening night of the awaited week in Philippine fashion. Michael Cinco opened the show with his Swan Lake Collection. 
Velvet Blazer from Luca D'Altieri, Aztec shirt from Polo, Zara pants and shoes and accessories from ASOS.

One of the things that I like about attending The Philippine Fashion Week is the surprise of seeing what the designers have created and the fashion people expressing their personal styles as they have fun dressing up. It's always a thrill to observe the diversity of people when it comes to fashion. It may be outrageous sometimes but seeing them carry it with confidence makes it even more stylish.

photos by Jc Valencia