From studded shoes to studded bags, come studded belts that are made to studded caps. Let us turn your boring caps to an interesting rocker inspired headwear and allow it to bring the rugged rebel in you. Let’s get those hands working! 

Things you’ll need:

1. Studs / Old Studded Belt 
2. Tape measure / ruler 
3. Cap 
4. Peeler / butter knife 
5. Pencil

If don’t own an old pyramid studded belt like mine, you can buy different types of studs from leading lace shops in malls. The prices vary according to the sizes and the designs of the studs. They are sold at around Php 30.00 to Php 90.00 per pack and you can just sew them or glue them directly to the cap as you style it.


1. This is how the back of the studded belt looks like. You need a peeler or a butter knife so it would be easier for you to remove the clamped studs from the leather. Use the tip of the peeler to straighten and loosen the studs’ clamps.

2. Flip the belt after removing the clasps of the studs and use the tip of the peeler to disentangle it from the leather. Be careful because the peeler is very pointy and so are the studs.

3. Now, with the style in mind, prepare the cap. What I did was, I measured the flap of the cap so I would be sure that the arrangements of the studs are visibly balanced. Use your pencil as a marker so it would be easier for you to see if the spacing is steady.

4. If you’re using the same studs that I’m using, you can directly pierce it to the cap’s fabric. Make sure the studs are hitting the pencil marks so the studs are aligned and spaced well to avoid redoing each stud. *This is very advisable to those of you who will be gluing your studs on your caps.

5. This is how the pierced stud looks like inside the cap. Make sure the studs are well placed and their pointed tips are clamped well before flattening them down with the peeler. Repeat on each stud until you’ve finished your design then you’re done!

Your new studded cap!

Be attentive with your eyes and imagination so you could see what you can possibly do to refresh tedious things around you. I see these studded caps sold at about Php 1000.00 pesos up online but you can get yours at low-price plus it’s personalized too so thumbs up for another great deal. Polish this hip look with the right rocker attitude and you’re good to go. Remember, why buy when you can DIY?

This is the newspaper layout. To see the article on Inquirer.net, click here.
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  1. This is so nice! I'll try to do this too! ;) Thanks for the tutorial!! *u*