Whether you are in need of an inexpensive cufflinks, broke a pair or plainly broke and doesn’t know what to get your father for a special occasion, here’s a simple and express DIY for you! Keep your eyes open, this one is going to be quick! Let’s get started!

You’ll need:
1. Styled shank buttons (4 pieces for a pair)
2. Slim elastic hair ties
3. Scissors

Step 1: Select 4 shank buttons that you’ll use to make your cufflinks. Make sure that your elastic band is slim enough to fit through the holes of the buttons. Cut the elastic band so you’ll have both ends and insert it through the two holes of the buttons.

Step 2: Tie a knot so the elastic band will keep the buttons closely. It depends on your taste if you want the top and the bottom buttons to have decorations but I chose to keep only one of them decorated and the other one plainly colored. 

Step 3: You’re almost finished! Make sure you’ve tied the elastic band properly so your cufflinks won’t fall apart. Cut the excess elastic band so it won’t be hanging around between the cufflinks and you’re done!

An original couple of cufflinks in less than 5 minutes and under a hundred pesos! In case you’re hesitant, shank buttons are the ones with holes at the back, they’re different from the ones you see with holes in the middle. You can get them in your local fabric stores or lace stores. Boys and girls, I hope this DIY be of assistance to you for your own use, your boyfriends’ or your fathers’. Good luck and learn by heart, “Why buy when you can DIY?”

Newspaper layout. Look this up on Inquirer.net here.

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  1. I love love your DIY posts! Those vintage buttons look cute. Will definitely try this out :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  2. cute cufflinks... this post is so0 fashionably informative...