I always get compliments from people around me (even my father) every after summer. They tell me how I look better when I have darker complexion and I agree with them. (*I don't know what you prefer) Since I'm naturally fair, I have to invest on moisturizers to make my tan last longer because my skin peels off easily when not moisturized. And let's admit that no matter how much we love the beach, we don't always have the time to go, enjoy the sun, get the color that we want plus it is not very healthy to do so nowadays. March of this year, I found "something" that can make me look darker even without frying myself using the sun.


Before                                                                        After

This development of the product was just an hour ago after the application. (Just for you to see the difference) I mostly apply the product before going to sleep after cleansing, so when I wake up I don't have to worry about the application process and also to allow the product to fully develop as I sleep. What I love about this product is that I don't have to reapply every single day because it's semi-permanent. You also don't have to worry about looking like you're part of the Jersey Shore cast because this product do not give the orange-ey color so you can count on not looking fake. The tanner lasts up to 3 days so even if you wash it off the next day, you still have your tan on. Plus it's not much of a hassle unlike going to tanning salons or applying a bronzer everyday, because a pea size of the cream could give you color already when you apply it yourself. 

It's fun to play with your complexion if you feel like sporting a sun-kissed look when you get tired of your natural color without sacrificing too much time and putting your skin under too much risk when exposed to sun rays. Keep people guessing if you've been sneaking out to the beach and getting a tan every now and then or just following a blog which does a product review like this. (I guess you already know what I'm up about. *laughs)

I got my tube at Rustan's Makati but you can visit their Facebook Page so you can see what store location is near you. 

Questions? Comments? Let me know. 
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