DYE Hard: Bow tie with a Vengeance!

Bow ties is used to hold the openings of a man's shirt. These days, it is mostly used as a tool of function and fashion by guys and fashion forward girls. This article will teach you how to make your own bow tie without shredding too much cash on your wallet. Let’s begin!
You’ll need:
10” x 6” piece of fabric
 4” x 2” piece of fabric
1” safety pin
Fabric glue or glue gun 

*Blue highlights show where glues are supposed to be placed.

1.  These 10” x 6” and  4” x 2” fabrics are from my old white shorts, no need to buy new fabrics. Be resourceful.
2.   Lay the fabric and flip it halfway. Put glue horizontally on both tops. *Since the fabric glue that I used is white which is Sew No More (you can find it in Hardware shops), I used a blue highlighter so you can see clearly where glues are supposed to be placed.
3.  Press both tips together until bonded. *Don’t worry too much about the fabric runs, you can use the glue to stop it.
4.  Horizontally fold the fabric halfway and put glue on both sides.
5.  Press both tips together until bonded. *Number 5 photo shows how the back looks like.
6.  On the front, put glue on the center and press it until closed.

*Blue highlights show where glues are supposed to be placed.

7.  Turn it on the back again and drop glue on top and bottom on the pinched section.
8.   Photo #8 shows where the glue were place and pinched closed.
9.  Place the smaller piece of fabric at the center and put glue. *Do step #2 on the smaller fabric too.
10. Wrap the entire strip on the center of the tie and glue it closed. Since we’re going for the very basic, insert the safety pin and your bow tie is ready!
You can totally stop at step 10 if you may, but since my bow tie is pure white, I felt the need play it up a bit more and let dye get in the way. Let’s proceed to step 11 if you want to dye your bow ties too!

You’ll need:
1.)    Dye    2.) Container    3.) Warm water    4.)  Rubber bands

Put warm water of a container and dissolve the dye in it. *If you’re not familiar with dyeing, instructions can be found in the dye sachet, the internet or last resort, your mom. 

11. Make sure the rubber bands are hugging the fabric as tight as possible. Dip the fabric in the dye for 10 seconds. Immediately release the fabric from the rubber bands and rinse with water until the water is almost colorless. Hang to dry and your tie-dyed bow tie is ready!
12. Dip the bow tie half way for 60 seconds. Rinse with water until the water is almost colorless. Hang to dry and your Ombre bow tie is ready! 

Tie-dyed bow tie                            Ombre bow tie                                  Dyed bow tie

You can just pin the bow tie right above the button hole of your polo and you’re good to go. Now you can 
save up or buy your bow tie-money with something else for you’ve learned to make your own today! I hope you enjoyed making your personalized and original bow ties as much as I did. Always be imaginative and resourceful. Remember, why buy when you can DIY?  

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