I never really dreamt of becoming blond. I didn't know what's the process, how's the after-care, and how it hurt like *#*@%! I used to think people were exaggerating when I hear them talking about it being so painful, watching makeover shows and seeing people shiver because of it, laughing at their tolerance for pain, turns out, it took me 2 teardrops, 1 on each eye to get over it! It stung like a hell.

Six hours of sitting on the chair of Toni & Guy salon, my boredom was replaced with excitement. While the first coat of bleach was covering my whole head, the first 3 hours was tolerable, I can feel the heat coming out of my scalp and relieved it by drinking ice-cold water. Finally, they shampooed me and blow-dried my hair (PS my brother was with me the whole process me reporting every step to him on WhatsApp) It was corn yellow! LOL I knew they had to bleach it again, second bleach, more tolerable but more anxious and excited this time. Fifth hour, they had to wash my hair again, let me stay put on the sink and rinse off the bleach. (I guess you're wondering what happened in between those bleaches? I was texting some SOME, chatting with Yzza, my office mate who’s getting her hair did as well, telling back stories from college with ate Marife and Nanay Sosh who’s bleaching my hair, also with ate Blessy) They said their clients complain of the pain when it comes to putting on the toner. Ah, hello? I'm pretty sure I have high tolerance for pain so bring it on! THEN COMES THE TONER! Imagine your whole head as wound, getting coated with pure alcohol. THE PAIN!! Ate Marife said they had a client who was screaming of pain. After a while you’ll get used to it though, like those exes who’ve left you hanging on for nothing. Kidding! LOL But yeah, they rinsed, blow dried my hair and my hair is (almost) white. *with the hint of purple because when it fades, it turns white. Top tip: if you're planning to get your hair bleached like pearl, don’t overdo coloring! You will have to get it bleached multiple times or until it breaks to achieve platinum.

Right there on that sink, I promised myself not to go through that sickening process of toning again! But I’m thinking twice about it now! LOL Who knows? I might have orange or raccoon hair next week.

*Kudos to Tj, Ate Blessy, Ate Marife, and nanay S for taking care of me. I wasn’t able to get all the names of the crew there in Toni & Guy Discovery Primea but thanks a lot for devirginizing my hair, it was worth it! Pin It

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