I can't even begin to tell you how much last week was so bad and almost everyone on social media agreed. Was it because "Ghost Month" just started or if it was just one of those bad weeks you'll have..with your social media friends? Kidding aside, taking this term a bit literal because this jacket that I DIY-ed a year ago is starting to fall apart, since I just glued it up and did not really sew it. 

Anyway, this jacket first appeared in one of my sections in GARAGE MAGAZINE called DIY, how surprising right? This jacket is still for keeps though, I think aging adds more character to it. LOL In case you missed my article on the magazine, here is the tear-out of that.

By the way, I was wearing:
 Oxygen joggers, MEMO t-shirt, New Balance trainers with the DIY jacket. 

Photo by Yzza Hablado

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