Although there has been a lot of glitches in 2016, I'm still thankful for so many things! For all the newly found friends, friends lost, friends who are forever there, new found courage, things I was able to let go of, crushes who crushed my feelings for choosing that bitch over me (KIDDING not really), crushes who I can now talk to, love interests who turned out to be life lessons, job opportunities, good health, great songs, amazing clothes, rescheduled MOMOL sessions, dog filter on Snapchat, alter accounts, VSCO filters, days of no pimples, unexpected gifts and overall impact, no really, too many blessings and blessings in disguise to mention, even if I still don't have someone special to celebrate anniversaries with which is really not a bad thing, because I don't feel lack in love from the people around me, it has been a good year but it could be better!

Hopefully, 2017 will be so much better than the past year for our country, for the Universe rather LOL. If you're reading this, I hope we could have a more close bond because why the hell not? I'll have to end this because I'm starting to get a little emo and I want to start the new year with happy thoughts! Hopefully my college crush greets me again, my office crush too, and my online crushes as well which happen once in a blue moon really. Anyway, I'll see you soon, ha? Text, tweet, IG, Snap, call, basta Hit Me Baby One (or 99) More Time!  

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