My skin is really sensitive and I'm not just saying that you make you feel inferior. I have skin asthma if that's any consolation. I'm telling you this just so I can say I try on different products to see which ones are compatible on my skin. Ever since I was in high school, I have tried using body oils but since it's very humid here in the Philippines, I stopped and stuck to cream-based lotions unless I'm at the beach. Anyway, so recently I tried this dry oil, from NUXE.

It is a multi-purpose oil for face, hair, and body. To tell you the truth, someone and by someone I mean myself got lazy applying lotion lately so I think my skin got dull, (you know the dark purple-ish blotchy kind) and since this dry oil is something new among my stocks, I gave it a try. This is not a paid review so you don't have to worry about me being bias. HAHAHA so, overnight I noticed my skin especially on the legs got more color, making the purple-ish tone go away. Although, since it has a lot of essential oils, it has a very strong warm smell. I think it'll overpower your perfume, to give you an idea, it smells like a lady just because I think it's really made for them. I use it at night before bedtime substituting my lotion with it. And it's really a nice body oil compared to the once I've tried in the market. If you're looking into a body oil to try, you can give this one a chance. It's time to stop playing with the baby oil, it doesn't work that way! Kidding! Plus it comes with a spray so you don't have to worry with a nozzle spill!

  • Compatible for sensitive skin
  • Gets rid of dull complexion
  • Gives a subtle sheen
  • Not sticky
  • Moisturizing
  • Spill proof because it's spray type
  • The smell is too girly if you're a male :) (Not really a big deal though.)
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